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Lark in the Park Charitable Trust rewarded in the Lloyds Bank Community Fund

Lark in the Park has been awarded £1000 in the Lloyds Bank Community Fund 2014 in
the Hastings Community.
Following votes from members of the public Lark in the Park has been awarded a
grant from Lloyds Bank to enable it to continue doing good work in the community.

  • Lark in the Park – Stephanie’s House
  • What it does: Provision of a holiday home to enable families who have children with
    special needs access to a holiday, but to not be too far from home.
  • The difference it will make: This can be a stepping stone to enabling the child to be
    able to deal with new situations easier, the child can also benefit from being part of a
    small community atmosphere. This in turn reflects on their outlook on returning
    from the holiday. It also benefits the family to be able to enjoy a holiday, something
    that may well have been impossible before due to traveling distances, new places,
    cost etc. Having a holiday close to home means that if it is all not going too well for
    the child with special needs, then home isn’t too far away.

The Lloyds Bank Community Fund was set up to help local people across England,
Wales, and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man to have a positive
impact at the heart of their community by giving grants to 1,400 local good causes in
350 communities.
Nearly 1.5 million votes were cast for good causes across the country during the
voting that took place between 2 September and 10 October. Over 700,000 people
will be benefit either directly or indirectly from the good work the 1,400 good causes
across the country will be able to deliver as a result of receiving a Community Fund
2014 award.

Click here to download the PDF.