Children’s Christmas Party 2012

Where could you go to see people up to 25 years old still believing in Father Christmas??
To the Lark in the Park Special Needs Christmas Party of course.

We have been holding this party for years now and it still holds the mystical magic where
the children can lose themselves in a wonderland of fun and make believe.

In all the years I have been doing this it never ceases to amaze me how excited the children
are when they come to the party, the joy on their faces says it all. Father Christmas-Lark in
the Park Bear and Snowman are at the entrance to greet them and once inside they are safe
to enjoy the magic of Christmas with no one to judge them.

As always we are very grateful to Tracy and all her students from the Sussex Downs
college who do a marvellous job of looking after the children. And of course Theresa and
Julie from ASDA who very generously supply and serve the food and drinks, and also
Sussex Cars for getting the children there.

The music and fun once again is supplied by Graham Bachelor and our guests this year
were the Mayor of Eastbourne Mike and his wife Linda and one of our Patrons Dec
Cluskey both bravely had their faces painted by Tickles Face Painting.

The Crafty Ladies who make crafts and fundraise for us very generously made important
part of the party possible, that was supplying all the Christmas presents for the children.

And after a very busy party the children are getting exited as they line up to see Santa…

Another party over and everyone’s happy


Steve Reynolds

Childrens xmas party blog